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Thousands of people are visiting Israel right now

Walk the beautiful streets of historical Jerusalem:
Every step is worth a thousand years of history. Yes, of course we'll take you to the Wailing Wall, and along the way, venture inside Rabbi's Tunnels and discover insights to the old and new that only LiveIsrael Tour guides can provide.

Shalom! Tel Aviv, the heart of Israel welcomes you:
Who would have thought you could be spending a leisurely day at the beach tomorrow - In Tel Aviv! See all the amazing sights after your delicious breakfast at a 5-Star hotel, and live the good life.

Exclusive Access to the Dead Sea:
Our team of hotel negotiators has put their 17 years of expertise to good use. You'll enjoy a private beach experience at one of our exclusive Dead Sea properties for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Thrilling Adventures on the way to the north:
Time to liven up! We're going on a Jordan River adventure, and later, you just might find yourself cruising through the mountains in a high-powered vehicle. Then you can finally rest along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

And so much more! All the accommodations, all the attractions and all luxurious transportation has been arranged so you can get up close and personal to Israel, with a certified tour guide. Romantic National Parks, Exciting Attractions, Jewish Museums, Vibrant Cities, and even a Time Elevator are just a sampling of this life-altering tour.

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